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Q: Is my transaction safe and secure?

Q: Who the heck is Epoch and CCBill?

Q: Do Epoch and CCBill have websites and phone numbers?

Q: Let me guess. Once I join, I'll never be able to cancel. Or I will be hit with all sorts of hidden fees?

Q: Once I cancel, how do I know it really happened?

Q: So who exactly is getting my credit card information?

Q: I am freaking out about giving my credit card information to a porn site!

Q: Are you guys a scam? Let me guess: you're going to steal my identity or drain my bank account or some shit like that!

Q: Do you guys use Spyware or secret tracking software to spy on me?

Q: I don't want anyone to know I just joined a porn site! Will my wife or girlfriend find out?

Q: How often will I be charged for my membership?

Q: Are you guys in the mob or Russian Hackers or something? I mean who really owns MrPOV?