First, I lost my job.

Then, I lost my wife.

What's a guy to do but move to porn valley and fuck porn stars?

I know what you're thinking: all the above - like most everything else you see, read, and hear about in the Porno World - is bullshit. But trust me when I tell you I was clocking my 50 hours a week for The Man in my cubicle at a big corporate entity, and the day they laid me off I pulled in early from work to tell my wife I lost my job only to catch her banging a dude she worked with.

I sat in my kitchen, thinking my world was over, when I made a decision: instead of jumping off a bridge, I was going to do something different...something whacky...something I never thought I could ever do...but always wanted to. I packed up my gear, hauled ass to Los Angeles, and started making dirty movies.

I love porn. I started watching it back when I was a teen, and this was before DVD's, or even VHS machines! Oh sure, VHS machines were around, but they were super expensive and hardly anyone owned one.

My porno days started watching "Swedish Erotica" Super 8MM film loops that were about 6 minutes long. The other cool thing about the old loops was the packaging. You'd open the small box, and the film would pop out, as well as a small booklet advertising the other Swedish Erotica titles. The booklet would fold out into a small poster, and that small poster RULED cause there'd be all sort of girls with jizz all over their faces.

Since it was such a hassle to load the film into the small, Super 8 projector, a lot of times I'd just jerk to the booklets!

I guess this is how I got my start into porn, but who knew it would lead - 30 years later - into a full-blown porno career?

The internet is a great thing, and one of the great things about it is it allows an average guy like me to be "male talent" and bang hot porn girls! I'm all about showing you - an Average Joe like me - how to bang porn stars! It ain't that hard at all, and once you learn a few of the ropes, you'll be in like flint!

So check out my adventures and let me know what you think!

Look, I ain't gonna lie: I'm a middle-aged dude whose about 25 pounds overweight and I have a six inch weiner; in other words, I'm probably just like you. I had no earthly idea I'd be in the adult entertainment business...and not just behind the camera.

And I'm banging porn stars! But make no mistake about it...if I wasn't having them sign a model release and paying them at the end of the shoot, I'd be out of luck. It's not like I'm gonna walk into a club, woo these girls with my charm and good looks, and take them home and bang them. That's for sure.

Anyways, like I said to begin this whole story: most porn is bullshit. Most of it sucks. I try my best to deliver the best in adult entertainment with my site. When you join my site, Monday's mean 3 sets of solo stills with the Girl of the Week, plus a long interview with her. (I'm still totally fascinated with what got these girls into porn, as well as what makes them tick). Then, on Wednesday, I'll POV her. The end of the week means one of my friends POV's her as well, cause...let's face it -- everyone gets tired of watching the same dude over and over.

So check it out!

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